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Cruise control & keyless entry

Want to drive your vehicle with ease? Then it’s essential you have a cruise control installed on your car, especially if you often hit the freeway for extended periods of time. Being able to maintain your speed at a constant rate is not only a safer way to drive but it helps you to avoid speeding by mistake, ending up with an unexpected traffic infringement.

Supplying and fitting aftermarket cruise control

We can supply and fit cruise control to almost any vehicle so give us a call and we can price up a system to suit.

Supplying and installing keyless entry systems

There’s nothing worse than walking to your car late at night in an empty parking lot, fumbling in your handbag for your keys. And then when you do find your keys, you pull them out only to scratch your car’s door by mistake as you fumble to get the key into the lock in the dark.

Keyless entry systems are becoming more and more popular and it’s easy to see why – they make accessing your car a lot easier. Keyless entry systems allow you to get into your car faster, keeping you safe as you’re not distracted as you fumble for your keys. Keyless entry is also convenient – if your hands are full of shopping bags, there’s no need to put them on the floor as you search for your keys, simply unlock the door with a finger.

At GCCEM we can help supply and install a keyless entry system in to your vehicle, the system can also have the functionality of alarm and immobiliser making your vehicle safer

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