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Did you know that a large number of vehicle breakdowns are a result of faults concerning car batteries?

If your car is hard to start or your battery light has come on, or if you are heading off on a holiday and want some peace of mind, we can load test car batteries for free. We sell Century car batteries on the Gold Coast, which are the highest quality and most are made in Australia. We can supply batteries for anything, from trucks to lawn mowers, golf buggies to your child’s electric car – our range is enormous. We also offer installation, service and advice for dual battery systems, and all types of caravan and camping setups.


How long should a battery last?

You generally get at least three years from a car battery, and a good battery should last you for five years. However, the length of your car’s battery life can also be influenced by factors including the climate, how often you use your vehicle, and the quality of the battery. If the car battery isn’t mounted correctly, this could also affect its life, so too can regular maintenance – if you don’t look after your car’s battery, it won’t last as long.

My car won’t start, is it my battery?

It could be your car’s battery causing the problem, but it could also be a huge range of other issues. These include problems with your alternator, starter motor or other engine problems. This is why it’s best to contact the experts at GCCEM to help get the problem correctly diagnosed before you go out and spend money on a new car battery. You also need to ensure correct installation.  We have had new customers bring their vehicles to us where batteries have been connected the wrong way around.  Make sure who you engage, knows what they are doing.

Why do you only stock Century Batteries at GCCEM?

In our opinion, they’re the best brand available and we want to sell only the highest quality parts. Plus, they are Australian made.


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