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Automotive lighting

If a headlight has gone out on your vehicle, you need to get it fixed right away. Not only is it dangerous to drive without enough lighting, but it is also illegal and you could wind up with a fine.

At GCCEM, we sell and fit many types of vehicle lighting, including:
• LEDs
• Light bars
• Spot lights
• Headlight upgrades
• Trailer lights
• Work lights
• Caravan lighting… and more.

Trouble seeing at night?

If you need some more light, pay us a visit and we can discuss some options tailored to suit your needs.

When driving at night, you need to use your high beams in rural areas and open highways, but ensure you dim them within 200m of an oncoming vehicle.

And if you are following another car, you can’t travel with your high beams on, nor your fog lights activated.

The additional services we offer at GCCEM

Along with restoring clouded headlight lenses, we can also optimally align your headlights.

If your emergency lights have stopped working, don’t wait until you need to use them – come in and see us to get them replaced.

We can also help you if you are having problems with your traffic control arrow boards, or if your headlight bulbs simply need an upgrade.

The brands we use and trust

The brands we trust for our automotive lighting are Philips, Narva and Hella. We stock the highest quality vehicle lighting and after testing many brands, these are the ones we have found to be the best.

Restoration or replacement?

Sometimes it is cheaper to restore your current lighting setup rather than to replace the whole set. For example, cloudy and discoloured headlights can be restored to an original condition through the use of a headlight maintenance kit, such as this one we use.

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